InSilico DB aggregates more than 250,000 samples of microarray and RNA–Seq data (human, mouse and rat) coming from public repositories including GEO and TCGA.

As an InSilico DB user

You have access to these data in a standardized format

You can run the following analysis tools: GENE–E, Morpheus, GenePattern, GenomeSpace, Integrative Genomics Viewer, R/Bioconductor and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, without any programming skills

You can also upload your own data coming from your own research and run the same tools

You can aggregate analyses of your private data with public data

You can share your private data with selected users

As an InSilico DB user you also belong to a huge community of users contributing by adding data, curations and compilations.

What users are saying?


InSilico DB main interface

All your genomics needs solved in one place

Everything you need for genomics analysis in one place so that you can interrogate the data that matters to you.

InSilico DB takes care of storage, raw data processing, and samples labelling so you can focus on interpretation and analysis.

Public data that you can use

Find the data you need on our huge collection of ready-to-analyze genomics data from published studies. Search by disease, author, or gene across more than 250,000 samples.

The InSilico DB database is updated daily with content from various public repositories including GEO and TCGA.

Public data
Open files

Opening files with genomics data has never been easier

Quickly and independently get results from your experiments' data files. You can easily import the Excel files and raw data you got from your bioinformatician, or ask her to upload them for you.

Upload your files, label your samples, choose your analysis and jump to discovery.

Augment your analyses by including samples from other studies

Studies are composed of multiple samples. Advanced data manipulation lets you pick samples across studies then assemble them into a new aggregated study that contains exactly what you need.

Make data compilations, create subsets of samples from a large study, or compare your own data to existing published data.

Don't interrupt your research activities to deal with bioinformatics processing

Genomics measurements produce raw data that have to be processed with bioinformatics programs, then formatted for different analysis tools. This process can take a while, requires large computing power, and updating results can be a nightmare.

InSilico DB's powerful computing platform takes care of this behind the scenes. You save time, while gaining reproducibility and consistency.

Solving your storage and sharing needs

Securely store any genomics data files and, if you wish, share them with your collaborators in the analysis tool of their choice.

Efficient starting point to data interpretation

For when you need to interpret and present genomics data, get immediate results. InSilico DB provides a direct link to heatmaps, hierarchical clustering, Venn diagrams, genome viewer, pathway analysis, and literrally hundreds more analysis modules.

The growing list of visualisation and analysis tools available on InSilico DB include: GENE-E, Morpheus, GenePattern, GenomeSpace, Integrative Genomics Viewer, R/Bioconductor and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (Coming soon).

Add data and expertise to your research with the InSilico DB communnity

Need the key expertise of a colleague to help you interpret your data? Need a colleague's data to prove an hypothesis? InSilico DB 3,500 strong community of researchers is the place to look.

The advanced sharing tools of InSilco DB lets you selectively share data simply within your group, or with collaborators worldwide.